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The CMA Election - Coalition of Family Physicians of British Columbia (COFPBC)

Aug 15, 2006

Dr. Tracy Monk
A Message from Dr. Tracy Monk, COFPBC President

The COFPBC is a grassroots BC physician advocacy group working to ensure a strong future for family practice as the cornerstone of a sustainable health care system.

During the pre-election campaign for CMA President, COFPBC sought to give all the candidates an opportunity to share their views on the future of family practice and the CMA election process. Candidates were given 2 days to respond to the questions and were informed that we would be circulating their responses to our e-mail distribution list of 1500. The COFPBC did not endorse any candidate. The full set of questions and answers attached was the extent of COFPBC election communication.

January 2006 - COFPBC asked: This year is BC's turn to nominate CMA President by the democratic process of this election. Will you accept and abide by the democratic process of this election and its results, or will you stand from the floor as a candidate at the next convention if unsuccessful in your bid to win this election?
  • Brian Day: By entering this election I feel duty bound to abide by its results. I personally would not accept a nomination from the floor. To do so would indicate a lack of respect for wishes and desires of one’s peers in the community

  • Jack Burak: I will absolutely accept and abide by the democratic process of this election and its results, as the process will ensure that whoever is BC’s nominee for President-Elect of the CMA for 2007 will have obtained at least 50% plus 1 of the total votes cast in this election. I will NOT run from the floor of General Council in PEI, in August 2006, if I am unsuccessful in my bid to win this election

  • Jim Lane: I accept the process and will support the results.

  • Marshall Dahl: No, absolutely not. That would be a profoundly undemocratic act that would be extremely disrespectful to the electoral process and to the colleagues who participated as voters and candidates.

  • Mike Golbey: The process being used by CMA this year to choose the President-elect is I believe entirely fair, and makes sure that the person who is elected, is the person who is most acceptable to members. This is a new procedure this year, and is designed to prevent any candidate from being elected with only a small percentage of the popular vote. If I am not elected, I will support whichever candidate does get elected.

  • Granger Avery: I have no wish to stand for election from the floor at GC.
The eloquent words of the candidates about the importance of respect for the democratic process speak for themselves. Brian Day won a democratic election. All the participants agreed that the process was fair and were passionate about the importance of abiding by the results. COFPBC shares the passion of the candidates for the importance of respecting the democratic process. BCMA President MacDiarmid has demonstrated leadership and integrity in championing the results. We hope the CMA will demonstrate the same integrity in supporting the results of the process it has created.


Tracy Monk
President COFPBC